Proud Sponsors of SeConf 2014 – Bangalore

Learn Selenium 2 WebDriver With Java using our Online Training Course
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Here at “” you can access the information and training you need to successfully automate web applications using Selenium WebDriver.

Join hundreds of successful students and learn to confidently use WebDriver with Java as the programming language.

Our comprehensive course leads you step-by-step from; installing the tools and creating your first test, to writing Page Objects and working with JavaScript. The course includes full sample, and downloadable code, making it easy for you to start.

Get Started With Selenium 2 WebDriver For Free
Get Started With Selenium 2 WebDriver with our free taster course
Learn to code in Java
Learn coding with “Java For Testers”
Learn to use Selenium-RC in Java
Working with Selenium-RC?

Our other courses and books can help you improve your Java buy propranolol 80 mg Programming and if you are working with the legacy code using Selenium-RC.

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Our lead consultant, Alan Richardson, has been testing for 25 years. He runs an independent Consultancy Company specialising in all aspects of Software Testing. When he isn’t providing Consultancy to organisations in London, Europe and the UK, he is giving conference talks and training around the World.

For custom solutions and help optimising Selenium WebDriver Automation, Agile Testing, Test Strategy and Approach, or for experienced advice and Training contact us

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