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Upgrade to Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0 and ChromeDriver 2.21

Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0 is available
Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0 is available

Upgrade to Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0

I’ve just updated my online Selenium 2 WebDriver with Java course to use version 2.53.0 of Selenium WebDriver. Change Log

I mainly update due to browser changes but this update required a code fix.

Selenium WebDriver 2.53.0

Minor code fix in the pom.xml to add a dependency on the new Htmlunit driver project.

The package structure in the htmlunit driver was left the same so all I had to amend was the pom file


And the include for HTMLUnit became:

<!-- from WebDriver 2.53.0 HTMLUnit is no longer buy propranolol online in uk distributed with Selenium WebDriver -->
<!-- -->
<!-- need to bring in the htmlunit driver on its own -->
<!-- -->

ChromeDriver 2.21

I also had to update my build machine to use 2.21 ChromeDriver.

When I did this I discovered that this version has fixed some Cookie bugs when working against Google Chrome.

So I amended my tests to cater for this as well.

I’ve uploaded the code to my online training course existing students can download the amended code from the course materials section.

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First WebDriver Speedrun Install added

I have created a new page on the site for ‘speedruns’

These are start to finish single run install of:

  • Java
  • Firefox
  • WebDriver
  • Maven
  • IDE
  • And running first test from command line and IDE

They have been edited to remove the boring bits, have annotations as simple explanation, but no verbal commentary.

I have an install checklist on the page, but you can also generic inderal cost find that in our ‘start’ github project.

I’ll add more speedruns for different operating systems and versions over time.

For now, I have added Windows XP (using the

If you need more help getting started than the speedrun offers then watch our free get-started course or the free preview videos on our full course.

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Learn Selenium WebDriver Online On Our New Training Platform

All discounts mentioned in this post have now ended.

Over the last few days we have been busy uploading the Selenium 2 WebDriver with Java course to a new platform.

The new platform is clean, simple and, probably most important for you – cheaper for us. So we can pass on the cost savings to you.

The course is the same as we host on other training buy propranolol online canada platforms, and we will keep all versions of the course in step with each other.

The new site lets you watch previews of the videos without needing an account, so you can check how well the teaching style works for you.

We will add other courses so make sure you sign up for our mailing list and we will keep you up to date.

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Updated the Getting Started With Selenium WebDriver free course

I just updated the Getting Started with Selenium WebDriver free course.

Mainly because IntelliJ 13 has been confusing some people starting out – my main install videos showed IntelliJ 12 and 11.

Also, Maven has proven more troublesome than expected. For something that in theory seems easy. In practice, many people (including myself) have issues creating the environment variables and the path.

Fortunately, when I created the new version. I also experienced install issues, so the video shows the problem “typing ‘mvn -version’ and windows not finding it” followed by my thinking through the problem with a fix.

I also created the videos without using the Rapid Environment Editor, as the introduction of another tool seemed to confuse some people. Which was never the aim, so I removed it from the main video.

I amended the following videos:


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Selenium Clinic Eurostar 2012 Slides

For some reason I didn’t blog about releasing the slides from the “Selenium Clinic” a tutorial session that Simon Stewart and I presented at Eurostar 2012.

I released the slides which were given to the tutorial attendees up on slideshare.

I was a little nervous about this because of those 72 slides, 50 of them generic inderal form part of my Online course and I put a lot of material, detail, time and energy into them. But I now view them as something which might help people learn more about WebDriver. So I’m learning to let go.

I don’t really update those slides, but I do update the 230+ slides on the Selenium WebDriver course.

Selenium 2 WebDriver API course

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Selenium 2 WebDriver Java API Cheat Sheets

I have released the cheat sheets that I provide during WebDriver training courses.
These act as reminders of the WebDriver API, basic synchronisation, Hamcrest, JUnit, some tips for IntelliJ and CSS and XPath Selectors.

Feel free to print them out and keep them beside you when you work with Selenium 2 WebDriver to help you increase your familiarity with the WebDriver API.

As Slides:

As Handouts:

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Selenium 2 WebDriver Online Course Reviews

First, a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to post reviews on my online courses. Particularly when they also take the time to leave a comment. As it really helps explain to other people why they enjoy the course.

I also appreciate all the feedback that I receive on the course, even when it doesn’t make its way into a review. The course changes based on the suggestions I received.

Since I’m pleased that so many people have posted positive comments about the course, I thought I’d share the reviews here. (You can see more on our review page)

Is this social proof that learning Selenium WebDriver is good for you?

Learn Selenium WebDriver API at your own pace with this Online Training Course

  • Reinvigorated my motivation for learning…Alan Richardson’s Selenium training videos have reinvigorated my motivation for learning. His manner and methods are simple, concise and real world. The best teacher I have had in years.
  • One of a kind course on SeleniumI recommend the Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics with Java course because it offers a path through the jungle of automation testing material that is available on the web.Alan is an experienced guide and provides a complete, thorough, precise and detailed course. Lectures are relatively short so it’s all easy to digest and still covers everything that is required to get started in this field.What I really appreciate is the insight on Alan’s automation testing mindset that would probably take years of experience and several mistakes to learn by oneself. That is something that you don’t normally find in a book.Plus he keeps adding material constantly! 🙂

  • Invaluable course for learning Selenium WebDriver – can’t rate high enough!I have been working my way through this course and have found it invaluable. The course has really helped me improve my knowledge of the Selenium WebDriver API, as well as learn about Maven, Jenkins, not to mention improve my Java skills.The videos are clear to understand and Alan has been inderal no prescription quick to respond to any queries I’ve had and added further explanatory videos where necessary.I can’t rate this course highly enough…..those interested in improving their skills and continually learning – this course is for you!Thanks Alan.

  • Highly recommend this course ‘WebDriver basics with Java’Alan Richardson does a fantastic job teaching WebDriver in this course. You will be able to get tests up and running even if you do not have a lot of experience. Alan covers all aspects of WebDriver and spends a lot of time covering the nuances that are important to making the tests run reliably. I have learned quite a bit from this course and recommend this to other people who wish to get more proficient with WebDriver. Great job Alan!
  • SuperbI can’t rate this highly enough. It’s a superb example of a successful and engaging online course, which is no small accomplishment given the complexity of Java and Selenium, as well as the many related topics the instructor touches on which all relate to the job at hand.The course has taught me a ton about Selenium and quite a bit more about Java, JUnit and the IntelliJ ide as well. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get up to speed on this stuff purely on my own!The videos are well produced and to the point. The audio is a bit low, but otherwise very clear and consistent.This is not one of the cheaper courses, but I can say it is well worth the price of admission if you’re looking to learn Selenium.

  • Excellent coverage and code examples!
  • Fantastic contentI bought Alan`s ebook and now I am glad that Alan provided course in Udemy. It is very practical and very useful. Thank you very much for you hard effort Alan.

You can review the course syllabus and join the course on our training site.

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Online Selenium WebDriver Course amendments

I’m giving my Online Selenium WebDriver Training courses a bit of minor overhaul.

All volume updates have been completed now.

I’m in the process of increasing the volume across the “Selenium 2 WebDriver API” course. I’m working backwards through the lectures so that the volume increase becomes a pleasant surprise rather than experiencing a decrease.

I try to do a section a day, and I’m currently down to section 19, so I’ll do section 18 tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll manage to get them all done by the end of April.

I’ve also changed the course images to make them more attractive and pleasing to the eye, or at least as good as my graphic design skills will allow. They all have a consistent feel to them, with a randomly chosen colour swash that I found aesthetically pleasing.

The Comprehensive Online Selenium WebDriver API Course looks like this:

Comprehensive Learn Selenium WebDriver API Online CourseA rather lovely shade of Orange methinks.

The full course helps you learn the Selenium WebDriver API Online at your own pace.

The Free Online Selenium WebDriver Course looks like this:

Free Introductory WebDriver Course

The free course helps you learn how to get started with the IDEs, installing maven, and all the other setup tasks you need to do before you can really start learning Selenium WebDriver with Java. This course is online on this very site.

What do you think of the new logos?

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