About 2nd Edition


Selenium Simplified was written in 2010, then revised for Selenium 2 in 2012.

It covers Javas, Selenium-RC. It does not cover WebDriver and with the release of Selenium 3 it is essentially legacy and of interest only to those people maintaining older Selenium-RC code bases.

For up to date information on how to learn Selenium WebDriver use our online training course.

For more information, or to get hold of the the book 2nd Edition visit the publisher page:

Selenium Simplified has the best readers of any book in the world. When they encounter an issue, they email me and I fix it in future propranolol 40 mg online editions and in the ebook.

Errata with 2nd Edition 1st Printing:

The following issues have been raised by readers, all have been fixed in the ebook.  Paper books take longer to have changes filter through.

  • In Chapters 23 and 37 when the Ant XML listings are shown in the book, JUnit in the listings should be written in lowercase e.g. “junit”.
    • if you encounter any issues in these chapters then make sure you use junit instead of JUnit
  • There was one instance of the book reading @test, when it should have read @Test


6 Responses to About 2nd Edition

  1. Lee says:

    I just got the book.. I have been writing automation for several years using tools like Visual Test, Maui (MS insternal), Watin and Selenium. I even write selenium tests in C# using SharpDevelop as my IDE.

    I’m hoping that I can build more robust automation after reading your book.

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  3. Dave Hann says:

    Are there plans for a book on WebDriver II?

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