Speedrun install for WebDriver 2.43.1 on Mac OS X 10 Mavericks

I added the notes and video for my ‘speedrun’ install of WebDriver 2.43.1 with Java, Maven and IntelliJ on the speedrun page.

I used VM Fusion to create a VM on my Mac with a clean install of OS X 10 Mavericks, then went through the process of installing on the Mac.

I updated the speedrun checklist to account for the Mac OS differences, and made notes on the install.

For some reason, when I installed on my ‘proper’ mac, I didn’t have to set the JAVA_HOME variable, but I did on the VM, so the video shows a full environment setup for JAVA_HOME, M2_HOME, M2 and updating PATH.

I found it interesting how Mac prompted me to the correct buy propranolol 40mg location a few times – ie. the install of JDK 1.8, so I did this earlier in the process than I did with Windows XP.

Also, since Mac OS X 10 Mavericks is slightly more ‘modern’ than Windows XP, I didn’t have to install an alternate browser to download the files, or an alternate text editor to amend the pom.xml file and update it to version 2.43.1 of WebDriver.

I edited the video down to 13 minutes, although the elapsed time (if I exclude the Wifi failure I had in the middle, was about 45 minutes).

You can find the speedrun video and installation notes on the speedrun page.

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