New Book “Java For Testers”

Most of the Selenium WebDriver work I do uses Java.

When I wrote the “Selenium Simplified” book, I was trying to teach Java, at the same time as Selenium-RC.

I decided that the next time I write a book I would be more focused, so I’ve just made public the fact that I’m writing a book called buy cheap inderal “Java For Testers”.

You can find more details on the book web site’s and blog:

The book is in beta, so I’m still writing it. This also means that if you buy it early you can get hold of it at a reduced price. The price will increase the closer to production ready it becomes.

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4 Responses to New Book “Java For Testers”

  1. yohan Karunathilaka says:

    How complete is this book now? My company is planning to purchase it and like to know the details

    • Alan says:


      Thanks for the question.

      The book is code complete.

      All I plan to do now, is work through from start to finish and tighten the writing. all content is in the text, it just needs tidying up and a few typos removed.

      Thanks for the prompt – I’ll add this info to the lean pub page as well.

  2. Subramanya (Subbu) says:

    Hi Alan,

    Is the book complete now and ready for me to buy ? 🙂


    • Alan says:

      The book is available to buy. It is code complete and covers all the planned areas. I still have to do final editing and polish the text, but the book is ‘complete’.

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