What FREE Selenium WebDriver Webinars would you like to watch?

I want to present a series of free Webinars, and I’d like to cover topics that you want to see covered.┬áSo what would you like to know?

I’ve created a YouTube video that explains it, but its pretty simple really.

Visit unow.be/ssc/webinarq and let me know what you want covered.

If you add your email address to the questionnaire then I’ll email you when the webinars are scheduled.

And if you let me know what times you prefer then I’ll try and make them available at those times.

I won’t cover all the setup where to buy propranolol online instructions, because I’ve done that in my free course, and I won’t repeat the stuff in the API course.

But I’m happy to cover the API differently and show practical examples in context, with applications or frameworks that you are trying to work with. Or if there is a section of the API that you want to drill down into more deeply.

Anything you would like to see, let me know by completing the Questionnaire and I’ll try and make the Webinars cover what you need.


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3 Responses to What FREE Selenium WebDriver Webinars would you like to watch?

  1. Olu says:

    I have been through loads of your materials ranging from your books to your online courses; and i have to say they were pretty good. I have few suggestions that i will like to make for your forthcoming seminars or courses:

    1)I noticed during watching your videos that you teach with the assumption that people already understand java. for example the use of collections, ArrayList etc. it will be good if you can just enlighten us just a little bit on why you’ve used specific java API

    2)it would be nice also if you can teach us with the mindset of what writing a production code i.e. things that you would normally do when using webdriver at work. e.g. how you guys develop at work and also what framework you use. data driven or hybrid framework

    3)I know this will take a bit of your time but i think it will be helpful if you develop the code from scratch instead of just going through them after they have already been written. This allows students like me to see and learn from your thought process when developing your code from scracth

    4)If possible, can you also teach using a live website. it will allow student to learn possibly more stuff other than what its on your website. i.e. how to search

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