Installing Maven for WebDriver on Windows 7

Just a quick post in case anyone else stumbles into issues configuring Maven on Windows 7 when you really just want to dive into WebDriver.

I tried to follow along with the instructions for installing Maven on the maven site.

The original writer wrote the instructions for Windows 2000 and XP, so I shall assume they work on Windows 2000 and XP.

For Windows 7, I found that if I created an M2 variable then, because alphabetically it comes before M2_HOME in a search, buy propranolol usa that M2_HOME did not expand in the paths.

So I did the following:

  • create an M2_HOME in System Variables
  • added %M2_HOME%\bin to the path in System Variables
  • added JAVA_HOME in System Variables

I found the Rapid Environment Editor very helpful when debugging the variables as I was able to drag variables between System and User without having to retype and adding entries to the Path through a simple tree dialog came in handy.

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3 Responses to Installing Maven for WebDriver on Windows 7

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  2. visualgirl says:

    Followed your Selenium install videos, which were going great until I reached Step 5 in Maven Windows/2000 XP install, specially adding the path – so I went to the Maven instructions directly…either way, when I go to a CMD prompt and type in MVN, the maven message does not appear.

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