Creating your CSS and XPath locators

I mainly use FirePath to create my CSS and XPATH locators. I also use the built in tools in Opera and Chrome.

I have an out of date and old post over on “Use firefinder to help you construct Selenium CSS Selectors“. I rarely delete out of date posts, but I don’t use Firefinder any more.

In Firefox use FirePath, this also runs as a Firebug addin and allows you to explore and experiment with CSS and XPath locators.

I still use the FirePath addin, despite other browsers starting to bundle this functionality in their dev tools.

  • I periodically use the inbuilt Chrome search functionality from the “Inspect Element” panel.
  • Opera also has a very good CSS and XPath finder build in to their dev tools, again available from “Inspect Element” dev panel. The Opera in built dev tools are among the best.

I have become so used to Firebug that I only tend to use it when Firefox hogs memory and I bail out for a few days. But since setting Opera as my default browser, that may change.

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