Second Edition of Selenium Simplified is out

I just noticed that this blog only links to the first edition of Selenium Simplified on amazon. This is particularly tardy and particularly poor marketing since the Second edition has been out for some time.

The 2nd edition is a refresh of the 1st edition. It doesn’t really have any new material, but has been updated so that all the old material works with the current versions of Selenium.

You can find it on Amazon (these are affiliate links):

And a bunch of other Amazon sites.

It is still available to purchase as an ebook directly from my company web site.

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  1. CloneZero says:

    It would be nice if the blog post or writeup of Selenium Simplified 2nd Ed. discussed if it supports Selenium 2 and the successor of technology of Selenium-RC. I do appreciate the updated code, and I just stared going through SS 1st Ed and don’t understand all the nuances.

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