Recommendations for Learning JavaScript and CSS Selectors

I’ve been programming more JavaScript recently. This helps my testing in a number of ways:

  • When testing web sites I can understand the client side code
  • I can nudge the client side into different states by executing ad-hoc JavaScript through the console
  • The DOM web developer displays make ever more sense

It also helps my automation;

  • My ability to use the JavaScript calls has improved so I don’t have as much trouble with web sites that don’t play nice
  • My CSS selector skills have improved

Clearly for most Selenium automation purposes, we don’t need a large grasp of JavaScript, we mainly do quick DOM access scripts, the kind of thing you would do through the console for debugging. I have found the JavaScript Pocket Reference a handy little book.

I have done more programming in JavaScript. Going deeper into JavaScript and building a few apps has helped me enormously. I have propranolol used “Test-Driven JavaScript Development” by Christian Johansen as a learning text, and found that useful.

If you want to learn more about JavaScript I can recommend the following resources to start.

Free Online JavaScript books:

I found the following CSS Selector links useful

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I have been using WebStorm as my JavaScript IDE as out of all the IDEs I tried, the JavaScript debugging worked out of the box. WebStorm has now become my default HTML and XML editor.

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